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Unwind The Stress
Beneath Your Symptoms

  Energy therapy to support your physical & emotional wellness!  



I'm Michelle, I help you release stored stress such as stuck emotions, limiting beliefs & the negative patterns that might be underlying your symptoms & struggles. When you release these, it is possible for you to experience a greater level of physical & emotional well being.

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4 Signs You Might Benefit From Energy Therapy...


You've tried so many things to help your physical health but it isn't resolved. This can point to the issue being deeper than just a physical one!


You've tried to approach things from a mental perspective such as talk therapies, but still find yourself stuck in repeating issues and patterns.


You feel like there's an underlying block that's keeping you stuck. This feeling is usually your intuition letting you know there's something ready to be released.


You understand that shifts  happen when you address all levels of your being: mind, body & spirit. And you're ready to experience a shift your life!


Client Testimonials...


Elizabeth L | Holistic Nutritionist

"Everything in my life started shifting for the better!"

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Meet Michelle

Learn more about Michelle; Reiki Master and BodyTalk practitioner


About Energy Therapy

Release stress, support healing and boost confidence

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