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  About Energy Therapy...

    Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science   

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What Is Energy Therapy?

Energy Therapy/Medicine is a collection of techniques from many different modalities that work to stimulate your body's own intelligent healing system. It works on the basis that everything in our universe is made of energy, and that everything is interconnected...including your body and its systems!

In a nutshell...we live in one great big cosmic soup!
Energy is at the core of your body's communication network, it is how all the parts that make up you, talk to each other. This energetic network must flow and move in order to support your overall wellness: how you think, feel and relate to the world around you! 

Energy Therapy has been around for thousands of years across various cultures and traditions. From the vast knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine to simple hands on healing. Energy therapy is used to treat the 'whole-person' from the understanding that we are not made of separate parts, and that treating the mind, body & spirit as a whole is more effective . Science is only just now beginning to (very slowly) catch up to this concept. 


How It Works

Our energetic health becomes disrupted through daily stress and our accumulated experiences over our life time. We literally store within our body: our beliefs, attitudes and unprocessed emotions. These dysfunctional filters become built over time and have an impact on our wellness: mentally, emotionally and spiritually AND impact on how we experience who we are and our life!


Your body holds your history! Think of it as the storehouse of your sub-conscious

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