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Transform Your Mind, Emotions & Energy!

I specialize in supporting women transform...



  • mentally/emotionally exhausted & overwhelmed with something in their life

  • stuck & confused about their direction, purpose or desires

  • feeling disconnected to who they are



  • grounded, calm & clear

  • confident & connected to their sense of personal power & purpose

  • connected to who they are & better able to hear, trust & act on their inner guidance


I use a blend of BodyTalk, Reiki, Meditation Therapy, Nutritional Consulting & a dash of  Intuition in our sessions together to help you release the hidden patterns, energies and stress impacting your mind, emotions & everyday life. Working together, you'll feel more positive, restored and supported.



My Professional Tool Kit...


- Bachelor Of Food Science (Nutritional Therapy)
- Advanced Diploma Of Meditation Teaching & Holistic Counseling
- Meditation Teacher training includes...Meditation for Women In Midlife, Depression & Anxiety, Pain Management, Weight Management, Workplace Stress
- Certificate 1 & 2 in Usui Reiki
- Marlena Field's Body, Mind Spirit Coaching
- BodyTalk System Fundamentals 1&2
- Advanced BodyTalk Exploring Protocols & Procedures
- Member of The International BodyTalk Association