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'Healing' is the process of becoming who you really are...

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Erin R | Pilates Instructor

"My health has improved by leaps & bounds!"

Since I started seeing Michelle my health has improved by leaps and bounds. I struggled with an inner ear infection which led to anxiety and depression. When I started sessions, I started to notice I became much calmer, my head is clearer and my confidence increased after only a few sessions. Michelle has a gentle, sweet presence and makes anyone feel comfortable around her. Every time I see her she seems to know exactly what I need to push myself to the next level of healing. I have been able to overcome blocks, fears and negative thoughts and feel like myself again! I'm thankful everyday that Michelle has come into my life!!


Elizabeth L | Holistic Nutritionist

"Everything in my life started shifting for the better!"

My sessions with Michelle were interesting at first. I wanted to learn more about how this therapy worked and didn’t have any expectations. During the sessions she would say things that were strangely accurate, that no one but myself is aware of, or internal struggles I have that I don’t share with the world. I also noticed that I’d feel calmer during the sessions than I did before, and after each session was done I felt lighter. As the weeks progressed, everything in my life started shifting for the better. Situations at work, in love, in finances, in my health, all started to make huge shifts out of nowhere. I truly enjoyed the entire experience and look forward to more sessions and even more powerful changes in my life. Thank you for the healing and for helping me make changes in my life I was unable to make on my own. Michelle is an extremely gifted intuitive, a compassionate listener and a true healer and teacher.


Jennifer Ann | Intuitive Web Designer & Energy Healer

"I feel much clearer...calm and lighter"
"I've never had a Body Talk session before and I wasn't sure what to expect. As Michelle was doing the work on me I could feel every single place she was focusing on where the energy was moving in my body. I was quite anxious and feeling frustrated before the session and afterwards I felt so calm and lighter. As I was listening to the recording after, I had even more releases that were parallel to the ones I had in the first part. It was really interesting how the session felt like 2 in 1 syncing together beautifully. The next day I had even more releases that came of from the acknowledgements she gave me, and no undoubtedly the energetic releases that happened. I feel much clearer in my heart space and lungs which is where the focus was. Michelle in incredibly gifted and I can't thank her enough for these profound shifts in just one session!"


Jennifer Bentham

Accupuncturist | Reiki Master

"I feel very supported & full of love right now!"

I definitely was feeling the work you were doing today as most of what I felt was all solar plexus and heart it really strengthened the feelings and shift in my body by getting to listen to your recording and go back into the session.
Thank you again for this lovely treatment!
I feel very supported and full of love right now, which should make for a lovely sleep tonight.


Courtney B | Yoga Instructor & BT Practitioner

"Business with BodyTalk Sessions are incredible!"

Michelle’s expertise in business combined with her BodyTalk Sessions are an incredible combination! As a new business owner she has helped me tremendously in breaking down blocks I had up that were holding me back from success.

I always look forward to working with her!

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