In- Person Session COVID-19 Protocol.

In-Person Covid-19 Safety....
In accordance with BC Ministry of Heath, I am taking the following precautions for In-Person Sessions:
  • I will be wearing an approved mask prior to and for the duration of your visit.

  • I sanitize my hands prior to proceeding with the session.

  • The healing room will be appropriately ventilated prior to and between each client session

  • I use a hospital grade disinfectant on surfaces in the rest room and healing room.

  • I always use fresh clean linens on the therapy table

  • I have a strict health policy in place for any and all illness including covid-19

  • I stay up to date and aware of COVID-19 safety prevention and risks according to the Government Of Canada

  • I am aware that vaccinated persons can still spread covid-19 so continue to take strict measures in every in-person session.

  • Each client in screened prior to arrival at a session