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   Virtual Healing & In-Person Sessions Available  

   Sessions With Michelle   

Effective & gentle energy healing to shift the
stuck energy impacting your mind, body and life.

       Virtual Healing Sessions      

Available by phone/Zoom/Whatsapp


BodyTalk Energy Healing Session
Initial Session 70mins $100 | Repeat Session 60mins $80


    In-Person Healing Sessions    



BodyTalk Energy Healing Session
Initial Session 75mins $125 | Repeat Session 60mins $110


Unexpressed emotions, hidden beliefs and ignored intuitions become stored stress in your body and energy.
 This stored stress eventually manifests as struggle and suffering in some, or many aspects, of your mind, emotions, body or life. In this session we will identify and gently release trapped emotions and area's of imbalance, and support your body's natural healing ability.  

Be Nurtured & Relax With Reiki
60mins Session $110


Reiki is perfect for those who need some gentle nurturing healing. Reiki promotes peace and relaxation and in addition, is a wonderful tool for reconnecting to your heart.  Reiki  was traditionally intended for 'connecting to one's true self'.

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Candles & Plants
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What Top 3-4 Challenges Are You Ready To Shift?

    Download your session prep list!   

  • What Can Energy healing Help With?
    Energy healing therapies can help with most issues and challenges, whether they are physical, emotional, mental or even challenges you might be having in your life. For example it might be a repeating pattern of struggle around money or relationships, where you feel like you are always 'attracting the same situation'. These kinds of issues can indicate a subconscious belief pattern that is contributing to the choices you make and the energy you put out. Unprocessed emotions, long held beliefs and patterns influence everything from the health of your body, to your conscious thinking patterns and actions. To help you think of some things you'd like to work on, download my 'session prep list' below.
  • How Do I Know Energy Healing Is The Next Best Step On My Healing Journey?
    There are many approaches to take when it comes to find relief, healing and a mich needed breakthough in an area of struggle. Energy healing is always a valuable part of a holistic healing plan. That said, 4 more obvious signs it is a best nest step are: 1. You've tried so many things to help your physical health but it isn't resolved. This can point to the issue being deeper than just a physical one! 2. You've tried to approach things from a mental perspective such as talk therapies, reading books, trying conventional approaches but still find yourself stuck in repeating issues and patterns. 3. You 'feel' or 'sense' like there's an underlying block/an invisible something that's keeping you stuck and struggling. This feeling is usually your intuition letting you know there's something ready to be released. Our subconsious mind is vast, so often old stories and patterns can be difficult to access through our consious mind. 4. Perhaps you already understand that shifts happen when you address all levels of your being: mind, body & spirit. There are often 'layers of healing' around some challenges, with each step you take, you support that process of release, so no session, no matter the modality, is ever a waste.
  • What Happens In A Healing Session?
    Every healing session is tailored to every client based on your needs. There are 3 parts to every session. Part 1: The start of every session is dedicated to setting up a clear goal for your positive outcome. This is space for you to feel heard, understood and as well I help you get more specific on the challenge you may be having, defining this clearly supports greater results for your sessions. If you are a returning client, we also do a check in for progress with each session (this is the exciting part!) Part 2: This is the Energy Healing part of the session where I use my knowlegde, skill and intuition to identify and release underlying imbalabces and stored stress such as beliefs, patterns and unprocessed emotions. Part 3: The final part of the session I check in (using muscle checking) with any balancing techniques that might be needed to support your body and energy. Healing sessions are either in person, or online, so no matter where you are in the world you can still book in for a healing session. Distance healing sessions are just as affective as in person ones.
  • What Kind Of Results Can I Expect?
    Results with clients can vary. As we are working at the level of subtle energy a few sessions are recommended in order to truly benefit from energy healing. Just like having one session of talk therapy isn't always enough for every situation. Some benefit greatly in just the first session, others benefit over a series of sessions. Some wonderful signs that things are shifting are: 1. You feel lighter, happier, more peaceful! 2. You noticed changes with previous physical discomfort. Even when the session isn't focused on a health issue I so often find that working on another area of challenges in your life, can have a ripple affect and balance out niggling health issues. 3. You feel 'different' somehow (in a good way!) even if you can't quite put your finger on it. As we are working at releasing subconscious and energetic patterns we can so often register that something is different before we start seeing the results on the outside. 4. Do you find people related to your challenge, or suddenly responding differently to you. When we shift our own energy patterns, at very commonly changes the response of the world around us. 5. Things come easier to you, an area of challenge you might have been having, for example around work for money, it now feels like there's more flow, things feel easier as the patterns of struggle are released. 6. You experiencing insights and 'aha' moments around your issue, this is quite common after sessions as things shift within your body mind and energy. 7. Its also normal for emotions to continue releasing for a few days afterwards. Some emotions can be released directly in the session. Others may need time to process. The plus side of that is so often that processing is needed in order to gain insights and wisdom around something. The important thing to note here, is that this should never be a distressing process at all, it tends to be more gentle and subtle. An energy healing session should never re-trigger trauma when done correctly!
  • How Many Sessions Will I Need?
    As with any therapy, conventional or alternative, several sessions are always recommended. As a starting place I do recommend three sessions at minimum. While some clients can start seeing results after the first one, there is very commonly layers to healing the issue or challenge you might be having. If the challenge you're having has been a repeating pattern, or a long-standing issue more than three sessions may be necessary to support deeper and long lasting healing.
  • How Do I Know If There Are Underyling Energy Imbalances Or Stored Emotions Affecting Me?
    Your body and energy field stores your history, not just from this lifetime but inherited patterns from your family lineage. Think of it like collecting emotional and energetic clutter! Over 90% of your mind is subconscious, (the subconscious mind being your body and energy field), that's a significant amount of activity or 'storage space' not easily accessible to your consious mind. Which is why you can be stuck in repeating patterns and chronic struggle depsite your best efforts, yet not be able to truly 'see' the issue underlying it. When you are operating from outdated beliefs and patterns, and have unprocessed emotions stored in your system, it makes it harder to live in alignment with who you really are. My experience of healing whether it be physical or mental emotional issues, is that healing at its core really is about letting go of everything that is not in alignment with who we really are. This disharmony creates stress for your body mind and energy. This disharmony can show up in so many ways in your life, from chronic health issues, repeating patterns, feeling stuck in an area of your life, feeling like your emotions have a hold over you, living in fear, ongoing depression and anxiety, self sabotage and so on!
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