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Your body holds your history! Think of it as the storehouse of your sub-conscious.

We literally store within our body: our beliefs, attitudes and unprocessed emotions. These dysfunctional filters become built over time and have an impact on our wellness: influencing how we think, how we feel AND how we experience who we are and our life!


Using the BodyTalk energy therapy system, we can use your body's wisdom to facilitate the positive change you desire.


  • Distance Sessions available over Zoom  (read more below about distance sessions)

  • In-Person Session available in Victoria, Vancouver Island


In-person sessions available in Victoria, BC. Canada



Distance sessions available via skype/zoom/phone


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What Happen's During

A BodyTalk Session?

During a BodyTalk Session, the client lies fully clothed on a massage table. Using neuro-muscular feedback (similar to applied kinesiology), I facilitate communication with the innate wisdom of your body.  Through a protocol unique to BodyTalk, I use a specific method of questioning, and guided by your body’s wisdom, I am able to locate imbalances within your body-mind complex that are a priority for balancing, releasing or restoring within each session.
I then use various non-invasive and gentle techniques that include light tapping on various points on the body such meridians, that support the release of underlying stressors and restore communication pathways that have been affected by the holding of unhealthy patterns. These techniques also work to stimulate your body’s own healing processes.

These techniques include specific ways of tapping, breathing, & focused awareness, that allow for shifts within your subtle energy system and therefore your subconscious (where over 90%of our thinking really happens!). Creating shifts here, create shift in every facet of self and one’s life.

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Clients have reported experiencing:

  • emotional release and healing

  • improved mindset & motivation

  • reduced stress and overwhelm

  • release of anxiety & negative thinking patterns

  • positive life shifts

  • improved confidence

  • overcoming 'blocks' and fears

  • improvement in health issues

  • feeling more connected to who they are


Q...How Do Distance Sessions Work?

It doesn't matter where you are in the world, distance energy therapy sessions still work effectively!  

Quantum Physics has shown us that everything in our universe, including us, is made of a unifying energy field (I call this the 'cosmic soup'). You may have experienced a 'knowing' something is wrong with a loved one, even though they may be across town, or even living in another country.... or when you have a feeling something is  about to happen even though there is no physical evidence of it yet, or how you can just 'know' stuff about someone or a situation....this is all picking up on the 'energy' of things...information within the cosmic soup where by physical distance or time becomes irrelevant. Distance session's work on this same concept, that everything is connected across time and space. We can do a session online (via zoom), we still do all the techniques that come up as a priority to support your healing.

Q...What Can A BodyTalk Session Help With?

While the Bodytalk System is largely promoted as a system of healing for your health, I personally have found that its biggest benefits are the realm of personal transformation and awareness...the health improvements that often happen along with it, are one of the exciting side effects of that! Our body always reflects to us, the quality of our mental and emotional well-being. Symptoms such as anxiety, depression, overwhelm, emotional blocks or struggles, repeating life patterns, health challenges and so on can very often have a root cause of stored stress.  


In BodyTalk a session we understand the you are not just a collection of separate parts, but rather are deeply interwoven with every aspect of life. as such we take into consideration your environment, your physical systems, your energy systems, and your lived experiences in every session.

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